Johann Spitz

After graduating from IAD in 2010, Johann immediately started working for Homerecords, a well-known Belgian label based in Liège. Over 7 years spent there, he worked on more than 80 albums, mainly in acoustic music (jazz, folk, World music), but also his first loves: rock and pop.

He has collaborated with famous musicians such as Karim Baggili, Didier Laloy, Quentin Dujardin and Samson Schmitt; among others.

In 2017, he decided to forge his own path. He started working independently with artists such as Sebastien Hogge, Chicos Y Mendez, Walk on the Moon and Typh Barrow. These collaborations are often recorded in the studio, but he has also helped these artists elevate their live performances to another level.

At the beginning of 2018, he took over the management of Studio 5. After 3 years of updates and improvements, he decided to rename it the Wood studio with just one aim in mind: to see if it could become one of the key locations for music production in Belgium and beyond.


Maxime Wathieu

Maxime has been working at Wood Studio for nearly 10 years, and it’s been his main project in sound engineering. He’s also played on every kind of stage, and on many records, as both a musician and songwriter. With experience on both the artistic and technical sides of musical production, he considers studio work to be a human experience, based on listening, creativity, and respect for the artist’s vision.

From first-time to professional projects, and from experimental to mainstream music, the goal remains the same: high quality recording with a fun and friendly working atmosphere in the studio.

Maxime has also worked on national Belgian radio as a technician and indie music show host. He’s regularly involved in exciting podcasts, and often takes on the role of live mixing engineer. 

He’s currently a musician and producer for shoegaze/post-punk band Turquoise.